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Special Projects

Crossecom is able to leverage our experience in software and hardware research and design to take on special projects for clients with fast turnaround on R&D and prototyping, either for production use or for proof of concept testing.

In the past Crossecom has undertaken special projects including:


AFC (Ammunition Firing Counter)

A wireless solid state weapon mounted device for accurate counting of rounds fired from automatic weapons.

These devices were successfully field tested and used for path-finding for future technologies.


HSM (High Security Module)

A secure cryptographic device that manages cryptographic keys and performs decryption, data translation and re-encryption of critical data as it is transferred between different networks with different cryptographic requirements. 

The module was externally audited and approved for use with a major client, and has been in production use for more than 5 years


Checkfill (RFID fuelling for CNG)

Checkfill is a modification of the Fastfill RFID fuelling system for CNG vehicles. This project required redesigning the RFID tags mounted on vehicles, as well as the nozzle antenna for mounting on CNG fuelling nozzles.

The system was trialled for use at multiple sites, performing as per requirements. 




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