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REMAR (Retail Management and Account Reporting)

REMAR is the back office system that is used for stock control, purchase orders and other accounting functions. REMAR is one of the modules that was designed as a seamless component of ISSAS. Some of the features of REMAR are outlined below:

Wetstock Management
  • Records sales and purchases of bulk fuel by tank and product.
  • Reconciles with tank and till.
  • Allows price changes any time without clearing the forecourt.
  • Price changes can be programmed for future specified dates.
  • Records all variations in selling prices with quantities and times.
  • Calculates cost price on LIFO, FIFO, Average weighted or standard method.
  • Calculates margin on fuel sales.
  • Tracks fuel losses/gains.
Drystock Management
  • Records all sales and stock purchases.
  • Produces barcodes and shelf labels.
  • Interfaces with portable data entry units for fast stock-taking and shrinkage calculation, as well as orders and deliveries.
  • Allows price changes at any time.
  • Price changes can be programmed for future specified dates.
  • Calculates cost price on LIFO, FIFO, Average Weighted or Standard methods.
  • Calculates sales margin.
  • Allows up to 65,000 PLU's / Stock items.
  • Calculates current stock status at any given time for all or individual stock items.
  • Products can be grouped by type or position in the store.
  • Analyses sales by In-Store location.
Accounts Receivable
  • Shows credit limit and available credit.
  • Produces invoices and statements.
  • Provides details on particular vehicles.
  • Shows date and amount of the last payment.
  • Prints an aged debtors list.
  • Prints debtors trial balance at any time.
  • Has Open Item accounting facilities.
  • Allows discounts, surcharges on quantity, percentage or a flat amount basis.
  • Provides for prepayments.
  • Integrates to Word Processor for letters.
  • Combines with the workshop module for total customer service.
Accounts Payable
  • Invoices can be entered item by item for stock control.
  • Shows how much is currently outstanding with a creditor.
  • Can call up all or individual creditors for payments by specified date.
  • Allows part or full payment of invoices.
  • Provides an aged creditors trial balance.
  • Allows payment by cash, cheque or account.
  • Integrates with stock levels to create purchase orders.
  • Has open item accounting facilities.
  • The System is thoroughly tested against tamper proofing.
  • Provides sophisticated multi-layered "need to know" password control.
  • Data is stored and transmitted in encrypted form.
  • Sophisticated exception reporting of operational and system related events.

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