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REMAP (Retail Management Analysis Program)

REMAP provides central price file maintenance facilities which allow Head Office staff to automatically communicate price changes and control product ranging. Items can be flagged and tracked while on promotion and details of gift/free items can be controlled and reported on.

REMAP will automatically contact all service stations (usually at night) to retrieve sales and stock information, plus exception reports showing details of all transactions and actions that took place at each site, (or region), during the preceding period. The information can then be interrogated by management to give them very accurate sales information. The Network Performance report can be used by management to view the overall sales for a group of sites or the same report can be viewed at a more detailed stock item level if desired. Some of the other features are:

Price File Maintenance
  • Pricing can be fixed so sites are unable to discount.
  • Support for up to 1 million stock items.
  • Support for different stock items at different stores.
  • Ability to set price changes in advance.
  • New stock items and price changes can be sent automatically to each or selected sites.
  • Items can be grouped (linked) together to maintain consistent pricing and reduce data entry when price changes occur.
  • Support for multiple barcodes and price look-ups for one item.
  • Private issue of barcodes.
  • Date and time sensitive promotions
  • Up to 6 different methods for calculation of selling price including the ability to define selling price based on cost price.
  • Support for GST/VAT.
Management Reporting
    Ability to analyse sales at network level down to stock item level with 4 intervening levels.
  • Ability to compare sales between stores, store groups and regions.
  • Ability to track sales for specific stock items to help establish effectiveness of promotions and give aways.
  • Fuel volume comparison between sites and groups by individual fuel type.
  • Ability to monitor fuel losses by tank and pump by site and as a group.
  • Fuel volume comparison between sites and groups by individual fuel type.
  • Report on top 500 or bottom 500 selling items.
  • Car Wash Billing report.
Communication and Data Security
  • Records and reports on unsuccessful downloads.
  • Automatic retry facility where a communication session is unsuccessful.
  • All unsuccessful downloads are stored and re-sent in the next session.
  • Extensive security violation reporting as part of the "Exception Reporting" system.
  • REMAP provides a much better understanding of your business through up-to-date and detailed information reports. It removes human transcription errors and helps you to follow important trends.
  • REMAP saves staff at the sites from unnecessary and duplicated work maintaining stock pricing. REMAP gives head office staff the information they need to do their job right, first time.

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