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The FFR2 Reader Module is a RFID reader with intrinsically safe antenna connections.
The Reader Module drives the nozzle and panel antennas and to acquire the tag ID, which is sent to the RFID Controller via the existing cables which are laid between the pump and the controller.
The reader communicates through the Nozzle and/or Panel Antenna to the Vehicle and personal tags. Two antennas and two sets of annunciators can be connected to a single FFR2.
The FFR2 is designed to read Hitag1, Hitag2 and Hitag-S in the 125KHz frequency range.
This Reader is capable of communicating to a control system through a serial RS485 or Wi-Fi interface.
The FFR2 Can be supplied as a standalone module, with its own safety barrier for zone 0 antenna install and in a fully encapsulated enclosure for a complete installation within hazardous locations.

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